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Think about us, when you don’t want to think about us.

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We'll never make you look bad. Never.

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Look and feel great with Focus 33

Ultimately, our pride of work is your peace of mind. We don’t need our hands held, we won’t move the goal posts on commitments, and we will always deliver above and beyond. Peace of Mind is automatic at Focus 33.


Years of commercial printing experience


Asked that clarify and prep for success

Pledging your projects done absolutely right Guaranteed

Put the pressure on us

You have betterthings to do

Sit down and let us serve you. Place your order and be assured that your meal will arrive promptly, perfectly and garnished with a side of Focus 33 awesome-sauce.

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  3. Print
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The flexibility, accuracy and expertise of Focus 33 is very refreshing.

- Dani, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Focus 33 is unique for one particular reason — great customer service.

- Jen, Director of Marketing Communications

We love working with Focus 33, and trust everything is high-quality and — best of all — worry-free.

- Ryan, Director of Marketing/Print Buyer

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No unfinished business at Focus 33

With Focus 33, there are no mysteries, no pacing the halls wondering when the estimate, the proof or the finished product will arrive. And certainly, no worries about value or quality—our people have decades of offset and digital printing experience, all fully focused on your project.

We take the “commercial” part of “commercial printer” to heart. We know you’re busy and under pressure; we are not in the business of adding work or pressure to your life. We create print materials, but we also create peace of mind. Focus 33 will be the best and easiest decision you’ll make today (possibly this month).

Let’s talk about a project, a quote and a good night’s sleep.

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7 Must-Dos Your Printer Must Do For You

Exceptional efficiency and perpetual precision do not happen by accident.

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